Welcome to the humble home of ClientEngage. I am primarily a PHP developer who focuses on building web-applications that help you create better relationships with your clients: for example, by engaging them in a two-way discussion through a PHP Live-Chat, or your own PHP Project Management System. All of my development work is based on-top of robust PHP frameworks and best development practices to deliver solutions that are secure, future-proof and easy to extend.

  • Technologies

I specialise in developing with robust technologies such as the CakePHP framework. This way, all my solutions are founded on a tried and tested architecture, future-proof and easy to extend as all software is based on the clear MVC architecture and built with DRY principles in mind.

  • Portfolio

Have a look at my portfolio on CodeCanyon to find-out more about the kinds of products I develop and how they can help you.

  • Support

Support is very important to me. If you have a genuine problem with a ClientEngage product, please just contact me and I will do my very best to assist you.

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What your Clients are Saying

Here are some of the things that ClientEngage's customers are saying:

  • Great tool. We used it for over 6 months now and have increased our customer relationship substantially. Thank you.

  • WordPress chat with Windows application feeding into an API from your site. Can’t beat it – and from what I can see the customer service is just incredible.

  • Great support! These guys know what they are doing. I had trouble installing it on my sever and they did it for free! Keep up the good work guys – can’t wait until you have more software released!

  • First time I saw this in a theme I hoped it would show up as a plugin so I could use the functionality in any theme… Nice implementation and excellent support from developer.

  • That’s exactly what I have looked for to maintain my daily tasks and other things too.

  • The best chat system on the web, and the tech support its just incredible. Fast and reliable. Very recommended…