ClientEngage Support Information

Support for all ClientEngage items is free for any unreported bugs that may exist. Moreover, I am also kind enough to help you install an item if you are having genuine problems.


However, please note that, usually, the first point of support is the manual of the respective item you bought and the item’s FAQ section. 90% of problems, can be solved this way. Most problems are caused be rewriting issues: in that case, please follow the “non-rewriting” guide in the manual.


If your problem persists, please contact me through my author profile or the contact form on the right-hand side with full server details:

  • The URL to where the item is installed on your server (+ an Admin-Account for the item)
  • FTP access to the installation directory
  • URL to the webroot directory
  • MySQL details for the respective database
  • Link to phpMyAdmin (if your server does not allow remote connections)


I will usually endeavour to answer support request within 24-48h of receipt – mostly these issues are fixed in a matter of minutes.


However, I do deserve the right to a holiday every now and then: in case I am unavailable for a longer period of time, this will be announced on the item page as well as with an auto-responder.


Finally, I do hope you are thoroughly enjoying my items!

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If your message is about a support request for one of your purchases, you must provide your purchase code and Envato-username you used when purchasing the item. For information on how to obtain your purchase-code, please note the information below.

Where can I find my purchase code on Envato?

Envato Purchase Code

What your Clients are Saying

Here are some of the things that ClientEngage's customers are saying:

  • Great tool. We used it for over 6 months now and have increased our customer relationship substantially. Thank you.

  • WordPress chat with Windows application feeding into an API from your site. Can’t beat it – and from what I can see the customer service is just incredible.

  • Great support! These guys know what they are doing. I had trouble installing it on my sever and they did it for free! Keep up the good work guys – can’t wait until you have more software released!

  • First time I saw this in a theme I hoped it would show up as a plugin so I could use the functionality in any theme… Nice implementation and excellent support from developer.

  • That’s exactly what I have looked for to maintain my daily tasks and other things too.

  • The best chat system on the web, and the tech support its just incredible. Fast and reliable. Very recommended…