CakePHP User Online Status

How to Create a User Online Status in CakePHP

When developing the ClientEngage Project Platform, I implemented a quick and easy way to  indicate users‘ online status. Since then, […]

CakePHP Localisation Tutorial Screenshot

How to Localise Your JavaScript-Frontend in CakePHP

In this post, I am going to outline a quick and easy solution to using the CakePHP translation facility in your […]

CakePHP JSONP-Rendering Screenshot

Adding JSONP support to older CakePHP versions

When developing VisitorChat, a CakePHP-based live-chat application, I needed to add a plain and simple JSONP-renderer. At the time, CakePHP […]

CakePHP Demo-Code Screenshot

Securing Demo-Installations of CakePHP Apps

When you first start-out developing web-apps for a marketplace such as CodeCanyon, one of the most important things you need […]